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Giving your members the best distributed standup meeting solution just became simple

Wherever they are, whichever timezone they're in, Hive Standup Bot forges project staff into a collaborative team.

Because geographically and temporally dispersed teams are increasingly relying on tools like Slack to collaborate asynchronously, managers need ever-more-innovative workflow and team-management approaches. The Hive Standup Bot gives them one.

It takes the daily standup meeting into the digital space through automatically soliciting and compiling the daily commitments, intentions, successes and problems of each team member.

The result: One report rolling out live as team members come online as their working day dawns around the planet.

That's the power of a team that's truly in sync, everywhere and every-when.


Jira Integration


Slack Integration


Tempo Timesheet Integration

Tempo Timesheets

Unique standup meeting software features

A standup bot takes all the clicking, checking and follow-up out of keeping on top of daily or weekly staff reporting on progress, tasks and roadblocks. It is an effective way to manage multiple small teams asynchronously, this freeing up managers who would otherwise be occupied by a time-consuming routine of face-to-face or online meetings. Through Hive Standup Bot's reporting and filtering, you can accurately track how each member of your team works over the long term and, in turn, optimise their overall effectiveness.

This transparency will also help you identify the systematic patterns in your roadblocks, meaning you can stop treating symptoms and, instead, resolve the causes of inefficiency. Best of all, a Hive Standup Bot solution can integrate with all your communications, workflow monitoring and calendar apps. It means your bot will seamlessly and simply mesh with how you already do business. And then help you do it better.

Multiple Standups

Keep individual teams up to date on what's relevant to them and save the waste of company-wide WIPs

Asynchronous Standups

Allow team members on urgent work or in different timezones to report in when they're available


Search, sort and screen your meetings and reports by user profiles, dates and topics


Automatically schedule, notify and remind your teams when their standups are coming up

Daily Reports

Automated compilation of everyone's status to keep everyone else in the loop – especially team and project managers


Wrap your standups and reports into your communications, email, calendar, CRM and project management tools - or export them to spreadsheet

Dashboard Control

View, track and control everything with a single online tool. Schedule, set and manage your standup meetings simply

Integrate Email

Everyone checks their email, so reach team members with automatic reports on the daily standup straight to their inboxes

Security Assured

Keep the details of standups addressing trade secrets, IP and planning secure with password protection

Data transparency

Keep teams current and make management decisions in full command of all your team’s progress, planning and roadblock data

Ask the right questions

The standard three standup questions might not be effective for every team, so choose and customise your need-to-knows

Set reminders

Don’t worry about members missing a standup when they’re automatically reminded by email, desktop alert or SMS

Members privileges

Choose who can see what in your standup reports. Share everything or keep the information private

Image and video

Post video messages for all people in a channel and let members add visuals to illustrate their progress

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What goes into building a standup bot

To build your standup bot, we must first have a clear idea of exactly what you need. Hive Standup Bot's experienced project managers will guide you through this process on a tactical level. Depending on scale and level of risk, for smaller bots this might be through straightforward consultation, while larger projects will be scoped, planned and costed through our exhaustive technology roadmapping capabilities. Once we have an understanding of your goals, your technology systems and who your users are, we can begin planning, building and delivering your new meetings solution.

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Who are Hive Standup Bot?

Hive Standup Bot has been built by a team of software engineers, designers and digital developers to help you optimise how you keep up with your team's progress. We originally built this tool because our own team must coordinate members across three continents. We needed a way to keep track of tasks on the varied development work we were engaged in. The results after our in-house prototype went live greatly exceeded our expectations.

Seeing how useful and powerful it could be, we knew other businesses and organisations could benefit from its capabilities too. Development to create your official Hive Standup Bot commenced immediately. Rigorously tested and always being improved, it provides leading functionality and is both a tool we are proud to offer you and one we rely on ourselves.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve just set up hivebot. What comes next?

Simply wait until the time you told hivebot to start the rolling standup. When that time comes, hivebot will send you a direct message you can edit and repost in your nominated channels.

What is a rolling standup?

We believe standups for distributed teams should happen at the start of a team member’s day - not an arbitrary time that suits management or the majority of most of the team. Think of these standups as stepped daily updates - but smarter! Hivebot pulls in information on what was logged yesterday, plus captures other queries, such as:

  • What a member is blocking another on
  • Issues to review
  • Overdue issues
  • Imminent completion dates
  • Project-critical tasks
  • Rely on hivebot to surface the important stuff, rather than digging through issues to find what’s changed.

What will hivebot do when it’s time for a meeting?

As soon as the meeting rolls around in your local time, hivebot sends a direct message to each nominated participant. The update will roll out for each team member as they come online in their timezone. It means they’ll report their status when they start their work day. No more standup meetings at 9pm just because some of your team is 11 timezones away.

What if I don’t have anything to add to my daily update?

No problem. Just ignore hivebot’s message (it won’t mind!). You’ll get another at your next scheduled time. It might be nice to let your team know you have nothing to report though.

What if I don’t have time for standup right now?

No problem. Just ignore the message that hivebot sent you. It is still a good idea to let your team (and manager) know they won’t hear from you - especially if they’re expecting it.

What happens if I simply don't answer?

Your current reporting period will lapse and you can’t report for that day. Hivebot will ask again as normal on your next scheduled standup.

Can I edit the reporting template?

Sure. In many ways, hivebot is just a smart template: its format is entirely up to you. However, it is easier to start with a dynamic template and edit that as you see fit.

Where will reports be published?

Anywhere you have access. Hivebot doesn’t publish the reports. You do that after you’ve composed your perfect update. The channel can be either public or private. Posting in private channels means you can have standups with specific members without spamming everyone.

How do I access my dashboard?

Either press the login button on our website or send a direct message to hivebot in Slack with the command ‘dashboard’.

How do I edit or change a standup?

Go to your dashboard and press the ‘edit standup’ button located to the lower right of the standup preview window.

Can I add new people to a standup?

Sure. Go to the members tab in the dashboard homepage, then add the new members and hit save.

How many people in my team are using hivebot?

All your team’s active participants can be seen in the dashboard’s billing section under the ‘team overview’ tab. It shows everything from team standups to participants to standup owners.

Where are my invoices?

All your invoices are in the billing section under the invoices tab. To get your invoices via email, you must fill in the billing info under the billing section.

Can other members be added as admins?

Your can grant privileges to other participants under the members tab in the dashboard. Just choose the member, the privilege to grant and hit save.

How do I change my standup time?

Only an admin can change a standup time. This function is due to be expanded in the next version.

How do you map between JIRA users and Slack users?

We use the email address as a primary key. So a users email address must match in JIRA and in slack for the updates to arrive successfully.

How do you know what timezones users are in?

Good question! We use the setting from slack. Slack lets user set their current location and timezone. If you find your users are getting the messages at strange times make sure to keep that slack timezone updated.

What if a question is not relevant?

If you answer with no Hive Standup Bot will leave this out of your automated report. That is, unless, it is important for the channel manager to know a definite 'no', in which case just put a little more detail.

Can I change my answers once I have sent them?

Yes, just go to your message, choose 'edit' and then update your answers. The updates will be automatically reflected in the reports.

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